River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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Children & Youth

Summer Religious Education starts June 11.  Please sign up to help out one Sunday during the summer.

A congregationís religious education ministry may often be defined by what is studied in the classroom, without recognizing the other accompanying experiences. At River Road, the whole congregation teaches its children and youth and learns from them in return throughout the experiences of:

  • worship
  • community
  • service and social justice
  • witness and advocacy
  • pedagogy (classroom study)

helping child and adult, to discover and inculcate the spirit of life. These forms, individually, collectively, intentionally and haphazardly, bind each to the wider world, both known and mysterious. It is these forms in the collective that are religious education.

The following pages provide a picture in time, but so too do they reflect the life of your child that we hope you can spend with us here: