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Coffee, Conversation & Controversy

River Road's Contemporary Issues Forum meets October to May between services at 10:20 AM in the Fireside Room.  The program is often referred to as CC&C (Coffee, Conversation & Controversy). The forum features speakers on a variety of topics of current interest, with an opportunity for brief discussion. Childcare is available. Questions about the program can be sent to Info-CC&C@rruuc.org.

April 30th, 2017
"Progress Against Great Odds: 30 yrs of RRUUC/LATN Solidarity"
Francisco Ramirez, Don Chery, Charlotte Carroll, L Garcia

In 1966, LATN through CoCoDA began organizing and sending delegations of RRUUC Youth and adults to Santa Marta. From a focus on education, over 50 university graduates are working throughout El Salvador. From these delegation contacts, a special RRUUC/LATN relationship has developed with the Salvadoran refugee community in the Washington DC area. COSTA, an association of 17 Salvadoran hometown associations, has, since 2015, sent more than $350 thousand back to their communities in El Salvador to build schools, clinics, pay teachers\\' salaries and aid in other development projects. Come hear about this remarkable journey!

May 7th, 2017
"Earliest Links of Spiritual Consciousness in Prehistoric Art"
Ahmed Achrati, Ph.D. Ė Adj. Faculty, Howard County C.C.

Religious behavior is deeply rooted in the long evolution of manís consciousness of reality. The study of Prehistoric Rock Art is key to understanding human cognitive development. Dr. Achratiís presentation introduces to both beginner and enthusiast the global phenomenon of pictographs and petroglyphs, showing how various cultures thought about the meaning of life and the origins of our universe. He will explore iconic patterns of rock art and their religious significance; gender and matriarchal patterns are highlighted with possible connections to the depiction of Mary in Western Christian iconography.

May 14th, 2017
"Helping Syrian Refugess"
Maggie Forster Schmitz, VP, American Near East Refugee Aid

Maggie Forster Schmitz, American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) Vice President will talk about what ANERA is doing and how you can help some of the most vulnerable of the nearly 2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Through the Social Justice Council RRUUC has donated to ANERA over many years. ANERA is a leading development and relief organization operating in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. Working with local groups and communities, ANERA responds to economic, health and educational needs with sustainable solutions and humanitarian aid during emergencies.