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Coffee, Conversation & Controversy

River Road's Contemporary Issues Forum meets October to May between services at 10:20 AM in the Fireside Room.  The program is often referred to as CC&C (Coffee, Conversation & Controversy). The forum features speakers on a variety of topics of current interest, with an opportunity for brief discussion. Childcare is available. Questions about the program can be sent to Info-CC&C@rruuc.org.

March 26th, 2017
"The Social Costs of Mismanaging Europe's Debt Crisis"
Ajai Chopra - Retired IMF official

The flawed original design of the euro contributed to the European sovereign debt crisis and complicated the response to the crisis. Mismanaging the crisis has had profound social consequences. Ajai Chopra will contrast the situation in Greece, where social conditions remain horrible, and Ireland, where conditions have improved but are still difficult. He will discuss how Greece's suffering could be alleviated and why sensible solutions are opposed in Europe. Ajai (Jai) has been a member of RRUUC since 1998.

April 2nd, 2017
"The Name of God:Should it be Exclaimed, Reclaimed or Buried?"
The God Panel: Messrs Spiro, Skocz, Younis and Harding

Our visiting God Panel comprising a progressive Jew, a traditional Catholic, an American Muslim and a secular Humanist will share their concepts and beliefs about God in a comparative, interactive way you may never have experienced. This thought-provoking program will begin with our four D.C. area speakers – Daniel Spiro, Esq., Professor Dennis Skocz, Imam Haytham Younis, and Nick Harding – presenting different perspectives about divinity. Each speaker will be asked a provocative question from another panelist, then concluding with a Q & A session by our CC&C audience. Our panel has been stirring new perspectives from audiences for many years.

April 9th, 2017
"Democracy, Human Rights & Media Freedom in Turkey:Challenges"
Rashid Telbisoglu – Director, Rumi Forum

Turkey’s monumental shift from plans for EU membership with its flawed, but representative democracy, to possibly becoming a full-fledged autocracy could happen in just a few years. Rashid will address the geopolitical, cultural, and social factors that contributed to this change, and the role of deteriorating media freedoms in Turkey\\'s drift from its democratic principles. He will assess the July 15th coup attempt and the purges in its aftermath, how the state apparatus and society are being redesigned, and discuss trends towards a Putinist-style system.

April 16th, 2017
"Not the Cleaver Family--the New Normal in Modern Families"
Maria Leonard Olsen, attorney and new RRUUC member

Based on hundreds of interviews with people across the country, her book explores the experiences of same sex couples, single parents, mixed race families, adoptive families and parents of singletons. The book is designed to educate, raise consiouness, and promote inclusion.