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Will you join me at the Retreat in West River?  Last week, while working with the 3rd-5th graders on Making Sandcastles (and what it teaches us about resilience), part of the challenge was finding a partner to work with who was not a good friend. There were eleven (11) children in the room and and to a one they said, “we don’t have any good friends in here.”  

I am not sure they caught my intake of breath but it was a haunting memory of the morning. Friends, for adults too, can be a primary reason that congregational life is attractive and confirmation of its value.  If you have friends at RRUUC, whether you are 6 or 60 years-old, you keep attending.  And that network of friends ends up, with your family, becoming that bigger village we all need to thrive.  When the Rev. Sadie Landsdale celebrated her mother Lyn’s life two weeks ago in our Sanctuary,  a sizeable number of the friends she had at RRUUC specifically, flew in to mourn and celebrate with Sadie. Don’t we all want this for our child (ren)? 
As it turns out….friends are made with time spent together, more time than Sunday morning provides.  Spending weekends together or even one overnight at a Retreat,  increases the chances that these good & deep friendships develop.
The new location for the RRUUC Retreat has many requisite elements of friendship building, beginning with a good night’s sleep:) The mattresses are three times the size of the old ones,  and there are cabins for far more folks, all centered around a cozy living room fronted by a covered porch to sit and listen to the water or kids running free. Human foosball, sailing, a great challenge course for 3rd graders and older, and so much more are resources to build friendships between children, youth and adults.  Plus it’s only an hour away!  


I hope you will join me there at West River — register now — .it’s a great opportunity to make a friend or maybe five (btw, friends are the #1 resiliency skill!).  More info here.


ChalkTalks: Who Am I?  Each 3rd Tuesday evening beginning at 6:45pm, a few hearty folks gather together as the RRUUC Religious Education Committee begins its meeting with others who have come to talk for 30 minutes about the assigned topic — this past month’s — Why a Multiracial Multicultural Religious Education?

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A Family Movie Review...what it does depict is the life of children, and some adults, trying to be “free” in spirit and to themselves, and to include others who are just a bit off and out there, non-conformists, or people for whom something has set them apart. It teaches us that freedom is a promise though there are painful costs….

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New Year’s Ponderings from Gabrielle Farrell  It is almost always possible to participate in congregational life on any and all Sundays…. but it is NEVER convenient. There is always something else to choose from.  And once the commitment is made, it is rarely easy to get family settled and be ready to turn
 attention to matters of spirit.             

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