Info & Registration – RRUUC Climate Reset Workshops

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Earth Ministry members are excited to lead this 4-week workshop for the River Road community. This is an intermediate-level opportunity for those who are already practicing beginner-level CO2 reduction actions at home and want to do more. The activities will also work if you’re just getting started and want in-depth information and accountability. We’ll be running several sections of the Climate Reset Workshop concurrently throughout October. See below for details and a link to the sign-up!


The workshop has four weekly sessions based on the work of David Gershon. We have combined pieces of his LOW-CARBON DIET book (which is outdated) and his COOL BLOCK program (designed for neighborhood communities) to create a brief but powerful program that will help you measure your current carbon footprint and select actions to help you reduce it. The aim is for each participating household to lower their CO2 emissions by 5000 pounds.

SESSIONS – 75 minutes each

I. Introductions – connecting with your group – using the Berkeley CoolClimate Calculator to calculate your carbon footprint – overview of Cool Lifestyle actions

II. Reconnecting – sharing your carbon footprint – deep dive into Cool Lifestyle action options

III. Reconnecting – sharing your 4 Cool Lifestyle actions & tracking strategies – overview of Cool Home and Cool Wheels actions

IV. Reconnecting – sharing your 1 Cool Home/Cool Wheels action & tracking strategies – overview of options for action BEYOND the individual: larger systemic and policy approaches to reversing global warming.

SECTIONS: Choose at least 2!

We are offering 9 day-and-time options. Click here or on the linked image below to go to the registration form. PLEASE CHOOSE AT LEAST 2 OR 3 OPTIONS to help us fill each section with about 8 participants, bearing in mind that the program will work best if you commit to attending all four sessions. We’ll let you know which section you are assigned to by September 27.  We’re excited to work with you to turn our small individual actions into a bigger impact on the planet, and to share our faithful commitment to “reconstitute the world”!


[For those wishing to focus on the larger systemic and policy actions, we’ll have an “advanced-level” opportunity in January, and you could also join Earth Ministry!]