Hi River Roaders,

Today, Wednesday November 4 is a beautiful, sunny day. I’m going to take walk, find a nice place to sit among the leaves, and breathe in the fall air.

Sitting near our Memorial Garden fountain, listening to its patter, is soothing.

The seeds from the many White Snake root on our grounds will provide winter nourishment to many birds.

Walking on the path in the native plant garden behind RRUUC is always an option.

It pays to slow down and take a close look at things, like this fungi growing on a log in the upper parking lot.

There are still signs of new life, even in the fall. Here is a recently-transplanted maidenhair fern.

More bird food. Each seed head from these Wingstem contains many individual seeds.

Our many beech trees are among the last to change color.

Wild ginger stays green through much of the winter.

I wish everyone a peaceful and hopeful week.