We support our mission and congregation in many ways – with our presence, with our work, with our spirits that bring loving hearts and open minds to the community. And we support it financially. We are all stewards of the congregation and every pledge counts..

What is a pledge?

A pledge is your promised contribution to the congregation during the fiscal year (July-June). It is a promise that we make to nurture and sustain our vibrant community.  Pledges account for the largest percentage of our operating budget, 70% to 80%. Every new pledge plays a critical role in our ability to fulfill our mission. Our annual Stewardship Campaign begins in March.

You are invited to support the congregation and its work.

If you are a part of our River Road community- a participant, a friend, or a member- we urge you to financially support the congregation and its work. In giving to River Road, we build a dynamic community that supports our spiritual growth, encourages our children to thrive, and renews us with inspiring sermons and beautiful music.

For all of this, our members and friends give generously. Financial commitments made during the Annual Stewardship Campaign are used to build our annual budget. If you have just begun to participate and have not yet pledged, we encourage you to join us now by pledging pro rata. This allows our River Road community to grow in fellowship, spirit, and service.

What to Give: Click Giving Guide to read the pledge giving guide and suggestions.

Make a Pledge: You can pledge online or fill out this form.

Pay a Pledge: You can choose from a number of options for paying your pledge which are listed on the Give page.

2017 -2018 Pledge Brochure