We give to people and places that add meaning and value to our lives. RRUUC is one of those places.

This is where we build community, find solace and joy, and enjoy music and good company on the path to spiritual growth. This is where our children learn to care about others and the world. It’s also where we find the will to speak out, act with courage, and work for justice.

Our financial support sustains this place that inspires us to be better people and to create a better world.

Our goal is to raise $970,000.

This is a modest increase over last year – but it will enable us to sustain the increases in staff compensation made possible through last year’s campaign.  Support what you hold dear.

You are invited to support the congregation and its work.

The amount you pledge is a personal decision, but make no mistake – your pledge, of whatever amount, is important; River Road depends on your financial support. Each contribution sustains the life of the congregation. For new donors, we welcome your commitment.  For current donors, thank you for your continued support.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is your promised contribution to the congregation during the fiscal year (July-June). It is a promise that we make to nurture and sustain our vibrant community.  Pledges account for the largest percentage of our operating budget, almost 80%. Every new pledge plays a critical role in our ability to fulfill our mission. Our annual Stewardship Campaign for 2018-2019 runs late February to April 1, 2018. Pledges can then be paid over the course of the year.

What to Give: Click 2018-2019 Giving Guide to read the pledge giving guide and suggestions. You can also consider pledging according to UUA’s Fair Share Contribution Guide, which suggests giving 2%-10% of your income.

Make a Pledge: You can pledge online or fill out and return this Pledge Form 2018-19.

Pay a Pledge: You can choose from a number of options for paying your pledge which are listed on the Give page.

Read more in the Brochure.