Our building and grounds is a sacred container for our lives.

It is a sanctuary for our individual and collective searches for truth and meaning. Over the years, we have gathered here to share our joys and sorrows, and to deepen and grow in fellowship, spirit and service.

View of our award-winning building from the Memorial Garden.

As loving stewards of our spiritual home, from time to time, we embark on a Capital Campaign to ensure and enhance our architecturally award winning building.

Our 2015 Capital Campaign raised $3.1 million for a three- phase project designed to improve accessibility, sustainability, safety, and stewardship. Thus far, we have received $2.5 million of those pledges.

Completed projects:

  • Installed a new energy-efficient HVAC
  • Replaced original windows with dual-pane insulated windows
  • Removed harmful materials for a safe and healthy environment
  • Replaced the front doors
  • Refinished and repaired the sanctuary floors
  • Repaired exterior areas to refresh the look of our facility
  • Upgraded the website
  • Improved classroom space by adding new technology features
  • Upgrade the kitchen
  • Reduce the mortgage to reduce pressure on our Operating Budget
  • Path Project

If you would like to participate in the Capital Campaign, please use our secure access.