Fall Color

Hi River Roaders,

There’s no way a photograph can truly capture what our eyes see. This is especially true in the fall, when the sun shining through brightly colored leaves provides brilliant highlights and deep shadows. Here are some photos from October – some on sunny days but most taken on a recent foggy morning.

The view of Springsview Garden from the gravel pad. Left to right, we have maple (red), beech (yellow), beech (green), maple (orange), and oak (deep red).

Both of these plants, blue mistflower and American white aster, are volunteers in the pollinator garden on our front plaza. Still going strong in November!

I’m one of those people who like to sit in the same place in the Sanctuary on Sunday. Here is the view from my spot – three rows from the back against the window.

I’ve posted lots of photos of our Memorial Garden, but I think this is the first one I’ve taken with fog.

It took a lot of effort from the Grounds Committee to remove the ivy in the woodlot between Whittier and the lower parking lot, but we are pleased with the result.

This Fothergilla grows under a sycamore tree by the parking lot facing River Road. It’s in the witch hazel family, and is commonly called witch alder.

The view from the playground looking down our springs.

Distinctive yellow leaves of our paw paw trees, backlit in the late afternoon.

If you zoom in, you should be able to find eight robins in the water.

I appreciated Reverend Nancy’s words on the passing of Bob Heiderer, and the story of why Bob was always striving for empathy.

Till next month.