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There are a lot of ways to register for the Retreat. (We value diversity!) You can pay when you register, or pay later in the summer. (We do need you to pay by the time registration closes on August 27.)

If you're requesting a scholarship, or want to use the family cap, please don't pay when you register. If you need a scholarship, send an e-mail to retreat(at)rruuc.org, and you will be contacted confidentially. If you want to use the family cap, tell us in the "Anything else you'd like the Committee to know" question when you register. We'll apply a credit to your balance and get back to you.

To register online: Use one of these links. You can register without logging in, but it's easier if you log in.

To register offline: Pick up a paper form at the Retreat table before or after the service any Sunday. You can fill it out on the spot, bring it back the next week, or mail it in. Be sure you get the right form - there are separate forms for the Weekend and for Saturday only.

To pay online once you've already registered: Log into AccessACS and scroll down to My Registrations. Click the Make Payment link for your Retreat registration. You can do this even if you registered on paper - all the registrations are entered into AccessACS.

To pay offline once you've already registered: You can bring a check to the Retreat table any Sunday, or mail your check to RRUUC. Please be sure to write “Retreat 2017” on the memo line. You can do this even if you registered online - we'll just enter your payment into AccessACS ourselves.