Each Spring, congregants donate items that their fellow RRUUCers bid on in a silent auction. It’s River Road’s number one destination to meet others while sharing something you enjoy. It’s also a chance for folks to donate their time and talents to help benefit the congregation and its mission.

How does it work?

  • Members and friends donate services and items through April 30.
  • Beginning in early May, congregants peruse tables and displays with donated items in the Fellowship Hall then bid on those items that strike their fancy.
  • Bidding continues through May.
  • Winners are notified of their winnings via email in the weeks following the auction.
What kinds of things are donated?

In the past items have included:

  • music lessons, hours of gardening, stargazing party, museum tour, massage therapy, baby sitting
  • kayaking lessons, tutoring, knitting lessons, hike and picnic, photography portrait, “theme” baskets filled with goodies
  • hosting a special dinner or dessert party in your home – wine tasting, Italian, vegetarian feast, Indian cuisine, chocolate tasting
  • handmade blanket, knitted hat and gloves, homemade pies
  • time at a vacation property, hot air balloon ride, sail boat ride

Be part of the fun starting April 2019.