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This information should answer your questions about lodging options, registration, and payment. Please read before going to the Registration Form. If you encounter any problems with registration or have more questions, please email us.

Q: What is the registration fee?

A: The base rate for registering for both days of the retreat is $130 for adults, $95 for teens, $75 for children ages 4 through middle school, and infants through age 3 free. There is a cap set for the fee so that no family or group will be charged more than $400, before upgrades. If you choose a slightly upgraded accommodation the price is a little higher, and people staying elsewhere or coming for one day only will pay less. There is a tiered pricing schedule to help make the retreat affordable for everyone. For complete information about the lodging choices and registration fees, see the retreat registration fee fact sheet.

If you have already registered, you can now pay your fee online here.

Q: Is there a discount if I register early? What is the final deadline to register?

A: Starting Tuesday, February 25, registration fees will go up $10 per person. Registering early will also give you the best chance of getting your lodging preference (bottom bunks are filling fast!). Getting your registrations well in advance will also help us plan the weekend’s programing and will help us to better accommodate special housing and dietary needs

Q: What’s included in the registration fee?

A: Retreat registration covers:

  • Five meals (Continental Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday; Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday)
  • A bed for Saturday night, unless you choose to stay offsite
  • Programming from late morning on Saturday through mid-afternoon Sunday

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: All of the lodging at West River is heated and air conditioned. In all buildings, there are two shared bathrooms down the hall. Most of the rooms are located in five Lodges, which are a short walk from the dining and meeting rooms.  Some rooms are located in the Retreat Center, near the dining hall.

One Lodge will be set aside for High School and Middle School youth.  There are kitchenette facilities in the Retreat Center and some Lodges.

There are a small number of rooms in buildings with access to single-occupancy bathrooms. If having this option would make it more comfortable for you to stay, please indicate this on your registration form and we will accommodate as many of these requests as possible.

  • Click here for more details on accommodations.

Q: How will room assignments be made? Will my family/group be able to stay together?

A: The rooms at West River have four beds each.  (One or two of the beds in each room are upper bunks.)  Space is limited, so we cannot promise private or semi-private rooms.  We will do our best to match singles and couples with compatible roommates.  Parties of three or four will probably have their own rooms.  We will work with parties of five or more to find an arrangement that works for everyone.  Bringing a portable crib or cot for a young child is fine if that works for you!

Q: Why is there an extra charge for some rooms?

A: There is a $15 per person surcharge for the Retreat Center, which reflects what we are charged by West River.  Here’s what you get for the $15:

  • Closer to the dining hall and meeting rooms;
  • Three lower and one upper bunk per room, instead of two upper and two lower bunks in the Lodge rooms;
  • Carpet instead of wood flooring;
  • At-grade access (only one Lodge is ramped for accessibility).

Q: Are there any options to make the registration more affordable?

A: We are offering these payment options to make it possible for everyone to attend:

  • Tiered Pricing
    In an effort to make the Retreat available to everyone, we’ve created three price tiers for adult attendees.

    • The “Full” tier is the base price and covers all the costs of the event (lodging, meals, and programming).
    • The “Reduced” tier covers the lodging and meal costs that we pay to West River Center but has the program costs subsidized.
    • The “Plus” tier includes a contribution to cover one other person’s program costs. Please decide what tier works best for you and your budget.
  • Family Cap
    There is also a maximum combined charge of $400 for the members of an immediate family. The registration form will figure this for you.  Note:  the family cap is not available if anyone in the party uses the “Plus” price tier, since the two options work in opposition to each other.
  • Scholarship Aid
    If, after applying the Reduced Tier and the Family Cap, the cost of attending is still a problem for you, please contact us at retreat@rruuc.org requesting a scholarship. You do not need to give details about your circumstances. Your request will be forwarded, in confidence, to Rev. Nancy and/or Rev. Amanda, one of whom will contact you.

Q: Can I register and pay online only? What if online registration is not possible for me?

A: This year we are using a new software package to process registrations through the RRUUC website.  We hope that everyone can register online.  If you, or someone you know, wants to register and can’t access the form, please e-mail (or have them e-mail) retreat@rruuc.org or call the RRUUC Office. We also plan to have volunteers with laptops available at Fellowship Hour to assist you, on multiple Sundays during the registration period.

Q: How will I pay for my registration?

A: You can pay any time by check. You can bring a check to the retreat table at RRUUC on Sunday, mail it to RRUUC, or leave it in the Retreat mailbox in the RRUUC office.  You can also pay online here.

Q: Can I register now and pay online later?

It’s fine to defer your payment when you register if you need to. If you have already registered before online payment was available, we will e-mail a customized link to the payment page. We ask that everyone pay in full by February 24 to maintain their registration priority. If that will be a hardship, please contact us at retreat@rruuc.org .

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