• Roots Hold Me Close
    Our tree canopy is defining characteristic of River Road grounds. Our trees give us shade; feed animals, birds, and insects; absorb our storm water, absorb CO2, and help make our grounds a special place. This week we'll look at some of our most common trees. We have many American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) trees, including this … Read more
  • Pollinator Magnets
    Hi River Roaders, I was recently browsing a native plant nursery website and they described a plant as a "pollinator magnet". A number of our best pollinator magnets are just starting to come into bloom. We'll share better views later this summer, but here are some early looks. We have common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) at … Read more
  • Summertime
    Hi River Roaders, I started this blog in late March with the objective of sharing the sights and stories of spring unfolding on River Road grounds. With the continued shutdown of our building, I hope to continue the blog with the same objective of sparking a sense of wonder and connection with our spiritual home. … Read more
  • Morning Has Broken
    At our June 7 music service, Linda led us singing one of my favorite songs. Morning on our grounds can be a special time, with breaking sunlight casting shadows that late sleepers will not be able to appreciate. Here are some early morning images from the past week. Our tower from the fireside patio. Cardinal … Read more
  • Green Sanctuary – Restoring Our Grounds
    At this week's Annual Meeting, we will be voting to commit to pursue the goal of re-accreditation of our Green Sanctuary status. One of the goals is to "return RRUUC grounds to native plants and wildflowers". This week's blog tells the story of how we are making progress toward that goal. The Grounds Committee is … Read more