Winter Holidays at River Road

Sun, Dec. 17
9:15 am & 11:15 am
Holiday Music Service
The River Road Choir sings “Music of Heaven & Earth”
9:15 am
Children’s Holiday Activities
10:15 am & 12:15 pm
Gingerbread House Making

Sat, Dec. 23
12 – 2 pm
Winter Solstice Ritual & Lunch
Celebrate the returning of the Light with
Rev. Louise Green & Beth Irikura.
Simple soup meal. Free-will offering.

Sun, Dec. 24
Christmas Eve Services
Family Christmas Pageant, 10 am
Enjoy a traditional retelling of the Christmas story with
music and candle lighting..
Lessons & Carols, 7 pm
Celebrate the Christmas Season with lessons, carols,
candle lighting, and the music of the choir.