Multigenerational Life

We are building and playing here at RRUUC in a robust network of dynamic, caring, and loving multigenerational relationships. And we are thriving. We can learn, serve and play in age groups (Children, Youth, Adult) and also strive to build on that most unique gift of congregational life — the blessing of all the generations mixing it up.   These activities are open to all.  Registration is required for some.  

2020 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt. You found it. Click on egg to continue the hunt. 

The Online We’ve Got Talent Show for All Ages

  • Have some jokes? 
  • Learned a new skill to demonstrate? 
  • Magic trick? 
  • Karate? 
  • Yo Yo? 
  • Hula Hoop? 
  • Pet tricks? 

Singing? dancing? Gymnastics, Yoga Pose?  2-3 mins max.  Participate when you  sign up here or attend. It’s on Saturday, April 18th at 6:30pm beginning with dessert.  Rehearsal time available online by request. Contact Gabrielle Farrell for more info. All “talents” wanted! Families can perform as one unit!