• Climate Reset Workshops a Resounding Success!
    UPCOMING EVENTS If you would like to join the 35% of River Roaders who are addressing climate change by eating more plant-based meals, have we got a show for you!RRUUC Contemporary Issues Forum and RRUUC Earth Ministry present… Mary Purdy: Saving the Planet with Your Fork Coming next Sunday, Nov. 20, at 12:00 pm, online only.  An eco-dietitian explains … read more
  • Info & Registration – RRUUC Climate Reset Workshops
    Sign up for the Climate Reset Workshop now. WELCOME! Earth Ministry members are excited to lead this 4-week workshop for the River Road community. This is an intermediate-level opportunity for those who are already practicing beginner-level CO2 reduction actions at home and want to do more. The activities will also work if you’re just getting … read more
  • RRUUC’s Year of Climate Reset!
    You can always find Earth Ministry’s Calendar of Events here! RRUUC is entering a Year of Reset with regard to our relationship with a warming planet. In 2020 we formally agreed to recertify as a Green Sanctuary Congregation, and that commitment depends on all of us to participate. At the Ingathering Service on September 11, … read more
  • June 2022
    Early in April the Earth Ministry invited congregants to make food-related climate action commitments during the service. We chose FOOD as our action area for this spring because food solutions are among the most powerful climate actions we can take as individuals.  The whole family can participate in food-related actions, and by repeating them daily … read more
  • April 1, 2022
    April is Earth Month, and the Earth Ministry group is working with Rev. Nancy to bring you a two-part opportunity to experience climate activism as a spiritual practice during this month of AWAKENING.  Awakening to the state of the planet can bring stress and anxiety, but what if we were to approach this crisis as … read more
  • March 17, 2022
    This month our area of challenge and opportunity is TRANSPORTATION! Here are our two recommended actions for March. 🌍 An advocacy action you can take to influence climate rescue policy: Pledge to Make Your Next Car Electric ~ by Bruce Davis Montgomery County is forming an Electric Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative to make EVs more affordable. … read more
  • It’s (Not) Easy Being Green
    March 1, 2022 Kermit has it right:  It’s not easy bein’ green Having to spend each day the color of the leaves When I think it could be nicer bein’ red or yellow or gold Or something much more colorful like that It’s not easy bein’ green… Cause you’re not standing out  Like flashy sparkles … read more
  • Growing Green
    Welcome to the new blog of the RRUUC Earth Ministry, leading the congregation to reduce climate change impacts in our community, in our congregational building and at home. Click here to email us.