RRUUC supports art as an important component of the life of members, friends, and the broader local community. Art is an expression of the human spirit. Art often touches viewers in a deep and significant way and can provide experience of mystery and wonder, which is one source of insight for Unitarian Universalists.

The Fine Arts Committee organizes art exhibits at RRUUC for the benefit of area artists and the appreciation of those using the Fellowship Hall. Most art at these exhibits is for sale, with a portion of proceeds going to RRUUC.  Click here for instructions for artists on how to apply to use our space.

Current Exhibit

Earth Essence


Landscape Photography
Mark Leatherman
November 8 to December 16, 2018

Reception:  November 11, 3-5pm, RRUUC Fellowship Hall

Artist Statement

Most people have experienced a feeling of deep connection to natural beauty.  It is, I believe, a trait hard-wired into our psyches; a link to both our own spiritual basis and that of the Earth and Universe. That wonder and awe can happen by gazing at a single tiny blossom or taking in the canopy of a starlit sky. For me, the Muse is more often an unusual rock formation, sunlight peeking through trees, or the splendor of a sunrise. By paying attention, the mundane can become as thrilling as the obviously spectacular.

The camera view restricts the eye; but when used well, it focuses the mind.  My desire is to enhance the vision of the viewer and to spark awareness of the greater Truth and Beauty within and beyond the world around us.

Mark’s Biography

I have practiced photography for most of my adult life, mostly as a self-taught hobbyist. Only after retirement as a middle school teacher, however, did I devote regular effort to the art and craft of photography. As part of a six-week journey through the American Southwest, I was mentored in field technique by Andy Cook of Rocky Mountain Reflections Photography. I later improved my digital processing skills from Mr. Cook. The deep satisfaction I felt from these endeavors led me to make creative expression a central part of my life.

I have also learned under the guidance of David and Ally McKay of McKay Photography Academy, Dave Wyman and Ken Rockwell. I have solo exhibits of my images at Paint Branch Unitarian Church and the National United Methodist Church. I plan to continue traveling as long as I can, and with a camera always close at hand. My frequent travel companion is my wife, Merrilee Harrigan, an accomplished fused glass and jewelry artist.

See more of Mark’s work here.

Mark’s wife, Merrilee Harrigan, will be showing her silver and glass jewelry at the same time, in the glass case.