I highly recommend that you choose a method for recording all of your explorations so that you’ll have them at the end of the year to use in your belief statements. We’ll have time for sharing in our zoom sessions. The options most every week are: Journal, video, audio, art, photography, or doodles. If you think of other things, check with Beth first.

Session 1 – Where do we come from? What are we?


  1. Writing a Where I’m From poem. You can take a tour of inside and outside your house, interview family members, cook a family recipe, take a walk with a family member and talk about where you’re from. Make a list of strong memories you have. Then choose some to create a poem. For more ideas: https://iamfromproject.com/resources/

The original poem is here.

  1. Complete a personality quiz online such as Myers Briggs or Enneagram. What do you think of the results? Spot on? Confusing? Totally wrong? What result do you think your family members would get?