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Join the Grounds Crew!

Hi River Roaders, Spring is in full force! This week, the catbirds, house wrens, and chimney swifts (all birds that breed on our grounds) have returned. One way of connecting … read more


Hi River Roaders, We’ve been lucky to have some rain over the last two weeks, and it it’s really showing up in our plantings. Here are some images from this … read more

Peak Spring

Hi River Roaders, I think of the time between mid-April and mid-May as “Peak Spring” here in the Mid-Atlantic. Warbler migration is at it’s peak, and the number of wildflowers … read more

Happy Anniversary!

Hi River Roaders, This is the one year anniversary of this blog, created to help members and friends stay connected to our spiritual home during the pandemic. We’re starting to … read more

Bluebell Time

Hi River Roaders, There is a magical time of spring here in the Mid-Atlantic that I call “Bluebell Time”. If you live close to a floodplain like the area around … read more


Hi River Roaders, This week we’ll ask some questions driven by what’s going on with our grounds this week. Don’t worry, some questions never have answers— “to question, is the … read more

Spring Color

Spring equinox occurs on Saturday, March 20, at 5:37 AM. As Reverend Amanda described last Sunday, the equinox is when the length of day and night is nearly equal in … read more


Hi River Roaders, After a cold February, we finally have a warm up. It’s good to have some normal winter weather! Let’s take a look at some of the flowers … read more

Spring Cleaning

Hi River Roaders, Even with the snow and ice, we are inexorably making the transition to spring. This week we’ll share a variety of images, some frozen, some thoughtful, and … read more