This is our covenant, approved Unanimously by Congregational Vote, January 28, 2018

River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation affirms this Covenant as a declaration of how we desire to be together. This Covenant serves to guide our interactions, as we engage with the world as it is and work toward shaping the world as it could be. We draw strength from our diversity and seek to form a Beloved Community through bonds of community, spirit, and service. We choose connection over isolation and support each other in our free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

I intend to cultivate in myself:

  • Openness to different viewpoints and approaches
  • Joy and a sense of humor
  • Strength and the courage to act
  • Curiosity about the world around me

I promise to be mindful and considerate in my communications and interactions by:

  • Listening to understand rather than to judge or prove a point
  • Expressing appreciation of others’ efforts
  • Taking responsibility for my actions
  • Trusting that others have good intentions

I commit to sustaining this congregation by:

  • Giving generously of myself and my resources
  • Supporting and nurturing myself and others
  • Showing gratitude for the blessings of being in community

Together we pledge to fulfill and renew these promises, beginning again in love when we fall short, in order to nurture our spiritual growth, our congregation, and its larger vision.

Here are some FAQs about our Covenant