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Ministerial Relations Committee

What It Does

  • Facilitates a healthy ministry at RRUUC by support, objective counsel, and encouragement for the minister(s);
  • Offers a two-way channel of communication between the congregation and ministers, seeking input from all involved parties;
  • Provides the first and principal forum for reviewing and discussing any difficulties, cases of miscommunications or areas of poor relationships that may arise between a called minister and  members or friends of the congregation, staff committees, task forces, etc.;
  • Makes recommendations to the Board with respect to any of the above matters.

See the committee charter for more detailed information Ministerial Relations (04/23/2008); also posted are the Ministerial Relations Committee Guidelines.  (Note:  both the charter and the Guidelines are being revised.)

How It Works

If you have a comment, question or criticism to which you would like a ministerial response, the recommended procedure is as follows:

1. Address the issue directly with the minister.
2. If you are uncomfortable talking directly with the minister or you feel the matter needs to be formally addressed, please send an e-mail to MRC(at)rruuc.org or contact any member of the MRC.
3. If the issue cannot be resolved in conversation with the minister, the MRC will review the issue and decide upon the next step, which might include a discussion with the Board. You will be informed of the status of the issue and its dispensation. Please note that anonymous complaints cannot be reviewed.
4. All issues brought to the attention of the MRC will be treated with strict confidentiality.

MRC Members

Kathy Tippett (Chair), Beth Moses, Jenny Sour