River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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Stewardship, PARticipation, Connection

The most sacred, most honest thing we can offer one another in community isn't stuff or praise or even devotion, though all of those matter.


I truly believe that the most sacred thing we can trust each other with is our own stories - the reality of our lives and the ways we make meaning of it.


~ Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd


On Sunday, March 6, 2016 our congregation joined in one single service followed by small group conversations that included trained storytellers sharing some of the most essential stories of our life together at River Road. Stories of connection through fellowship, lives changed through service, and spirits made more whole by the presence of the sacred. Our children and youth also listened to stories and participated in active learning.

On that day, we modeled  the risk and beauty of sharing honest stories. What we do here matters. It matters in ways that change and sustain our lives

Our Vision

Our vision, as a congregation, is to grow and deepen in fellowship, spirit and service.  Those three areas of action, contemplation and focus draw us into what’s essential about a congregation like ours in the first place – namely the vital importance of deep and meaningful relationships in our lives. 

  • Through fellowship, we are called into deeper relationship with one another in community. 
  • Through spiritual practices, we’re invited to develop a relationship with beauty, or with the holy as we may come to understand it.
  • Through service, we’re called out constantly into deeper and more meaningful relationship to the world outside of our doors, even those aspects of it that are broken or heartbreaking.

Stories on Fellowship, Spirit, and Service